Need to check the health of your home or business?

Are you concerned about the health of your family?  Or the health of yourself and your employees?

Red Fox Building Biology can test for and advise on:

  • greenhomeElectromagnetic radiation (EMR / EMF)
  • Mobile phone or WIFI radiation
  • Dirty electricity
  • Dust and other particulates*
  • Chemical or VOC exposure*
  • Light levels testing*
  • Air flow testing and sampling*
  • Meth residue testing
  • Mould
  • Pre-purchase or pre-lease inspections a specialty!

* – usually for businesses who want to ensure compliance with OHS requirements

I’m here to assist you get the best advice that suits your situation – not to sell you other services you may not need.  That said, if I recommend a product or service, I’ll also put you in touch with the company or person who does that, if I know of one, so you can be sure you’re dealing with reputable people.

I’m happy to chat with you on the phone to discuss your needs, and when I test at your home or business I’ll provide you with recommendations tailored to your lifestyle or business.

To keep costs down, I provide a hand-written report at the end of my visit.  For business or government, or court cases, who require a formal report, there may be additional costs for that.  Please ask about these and we can work out what you need.


GuaranteeFirstly,  I absolutely promise that I won’t use scare tactics to convince you of something.  I don’t think that’s ethical, I hate it when people try it on me, and I will not do it to you.

So when I recommend something, it’ll be in the format of “I recommend this, and this is why”.  You can ask me (and I encourage you to!) where I’m getting my information from, and please, please, do your own research and get more information!  I will provide you with the sources of my info (I may not have it on me, but I can certainly email it to you when I get back to the office), and they will all be credible sources, scientific research, World Health Organisation, peer-reviewed papers by scientists and doctors, that sort of thing.  So while my recommendations and my explanations may be in plain English, the techno-speak facts are available if you want them.

Secondly, your time is valuable, so I guarantee that I’ll be there at our agreed time, or at least phone you in the unlikely event of me being held up.

Thirdly, I also guarantee that whilst I’m with you, I’m with you.  So my phone is turned to flight mode, so calls go to voicemail, so I can concentrate on you and your requirements.

Contact meMy “local area” is south east Queensland (out to Toowoomba, down to the border, up to Noosa).  For areas outside of that, I’m happy to come to you, we’ll need to discuss travel costs (don’t worry, it won’t be an arm and a leg!)